Why Al-Ahad

Why Al-Ahad

“Serve People To Serve God” is the main motto of our Organisation.

According to all religious Scriptures, the core of its preachings which says the only way to serve God is to fulfill the basic need of the people i.e. Food.

The word “Muslim” doesn’t refer to a particular belief . This word “Muslim Biriyani” is always a craze for people of India. The taste of Muslim Biriyani has always been a favourite treat of almost everyone and an irreplaceable delicacy. We are happy to serve this relishable dish.

About The Chairman

The Chairman Mr.Y.Abdul Quddus is a director of Hotel Royal Court since 2004 “Yasin Hotels Private Ltd”. He owns around 100 acres of agricultural land which produce Organic products like Jasmine flower, Lemon, Vegetables, Fish farming, Cattle farming etc. Along with this, he runs a trust to feed the needy combined with Al-Ahad Muslim Biriyani


About The General Manager

Mr.Ravi with his 22 years of experience in the hospitality industry, worked as a dishwasher in Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu. After this, he worked as a cook for 10 years at a palace as a kitchen helper. Furthermore, in Coimbatore he did Heritage cooking. Then he worked as a Chef-in-charge at Sorna Residency, Ooty and as an Executive Chef in Royal court from 2004 until joining in Al Ahad Muslim Biriyani.





Our Ethics

  • Encourage to feed the needy

  • Cooked food and used oil are not stored and used for the next day

  • Ajinomoto, Dalda, Maida, Soda Salt which may be detrimental are avoided.

  • Dear customers enjoy your meals but don’t waste. Consume all the food served on your plate, this is the donation of yours with which we feed the needy.

  • We do not receive any donation from anybody
Our Values

Our Values

Feed the Needy

  • We do not serve cold beverages. We reduce using Plastics

  • We use Grave tree wood as fuel for cooking,to promote destruction of Grave trees.

  • We do not use A/C units or have the facility of centralized A/C because reduction in using A/C units will help to improve Ozone content.

  • Customers are encouraged to inspect the infrastructure like storage room, cooking area and raw materials at any time, they don’t have any restrictions